Why Furnace Not Responding to Thermostat?

Your furnace is among the most intricate appliances that you have in your home. If it stops working, do the most obvious thing, troubleshooting your furnace’s thermostat.

Our heating installation experts in Cheltenham advise that there may be other causes for why the furnace isn’t working.

Reasons why the furnace isn't responding to the thermostat:

  • Thermostat Problem
    When your furnace stops operating, check whether your commands reach the device, which may point to a problem with the thermostat you’re using. You need to ensure your thermostat is set to the hot setting, not the off or cool setting. Sometimes the thermostat needs a battery change to work efficiently.

    On the other hand, replacing the entire thermostat unit might be needed. Seek our assistance by our heating service professional in Cheltenham.

  • Incompatible Thermostat
    Ensure that the thermostat you’re using is compatible with the model you use for your furnace to function correctly. If you choose the incorrect thermostat for your system, you’ll likely experience issues in communication between the thermostat and your furnace.

    If you are replacing your thermostat, consult our heating professional in Cheltenham before making the purchase.

Other Reasons Why The Furnace Isn't Responding:

  • Poor Wiring
    Broken connections, frayed wires, and old wires can eventually cause your thermostat to disconnect from your heating and cooling system. Examine your wiring carefully. Make sure the connections are secure, and replace any necessary wires.

  • Clogged Air Filter
    This is another frequent issue with heaters in general. A clogged filter could cause your heater not to blow hot air when you turn it on. You can fix this by cleaning the filter on time and keeping it unobstructed. There are numerous types and sizes of air filters available depending on the size of your home and the number of family members and pets.

  • Tripped Breaker
    The heater’s circuit breaker might occasionally trip for unknown reasons, in which case it would switch off the furnace. It is important that you inspect and confirm the condition of all of your breakers.

    Additionally, you should be able to turn your furnace off by flipping a switch. The furnace could have been turned off by mistake, but ensure that it was not done on purpose.

  • Belt Or Blower Problem
    High-pitched noises from your furnace indicate that the blower is out of alignment. Hire a certified HVAC professional to examine and resolve the issue. There are several causes for this problem, some of which are as simple as lubrication. The motor or blower may also need to be replaced, which can be expensive.

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