AC Installation In Cheltenham, PA

AC Installation In Cheltenham, PA

Indoor Air Comfort Made Easy With Central Air Conditioning

The best time to shop for a new Central Air Conditioner is before it stops working.”
– Doug Heath, Owner Heath Mechanical

AC is essential for Cheltenham homeowners. With temperatures soaring up to 95° F, summers in Pennsylvania are something you can’t take lightly. Don’t delay in getting a professionally done AC Installation because you might find long wait times during the busy months.

AC installation needs ambient skills and experience to avoid problems in the future. That’s why at Heath Mechanical Services, LLC, we provide expert AC installation and related services.

AC Installation In Cheltenham, Elkins Park, Jenkintown, PA, And Surrounding Areas

If you need to replace your Central Air Conditioner or would like to Add Central Air Conditioning to your home, we can help! We’re ready with a comfortable solution that is reliable, dependable and won’t break the bank.

The best time to add AC to your home is before the hot season arrives.   If you don’t have central air, now is a perfect time to invest in it.  If you already have an air conditioner and it is 10 years old or more, you could save up to 40% of your cooling energy costs by replacing it with a newer, more efficient model.

How Do I Choose The Right Air Conditioner?

We’ll guide you to the perfect choice for you and your home. Choosing an AC System for your home is an important decision. A Central Air Conditioner not only provides indoor comfort but can dehumidify, and filter your home’s air, making it cleaner and far more comfortable. A Central AC System distributes conditioned air through a house. There are several considerations we’ll consider as we evaluate your needs:

  1. Do you have hot or cold spots in your home?
  2. Does anyone in the house have allergies?
  3. Where do you spend most of the time in your home?
  4. Would you like to save money on your utility bill?
  5. How long do you plan on living in your home?

A Word About the Proper Sizing of Your Air Conditioner

We’ll never give you a guess-timate or a casual recommendation because proper sizing is extremely important! Both over-sizing and under sizing an Air Conditioner are big problems that you want to avoid. Bigger is not better and will only cost you more money up front and more money to operate, not to mention the comfort issue that will arise. A unit that is too small will lack the ability to give you the comfort you desire.

Benefits of Central Air Conditioning

  • Improve indoor air quality with filtration systems that can trap lint, dust, pet dander and allergens.
  • Cool multiple rooms instead of just one room.
  • Quieter than a window air conditioner.
  • Non-disruptive and does not take up any indoor space.
  • Easy to operate. Whether there is a single zone or multiple zones, the system is conveniently controlled by a simple console that can be programmed to run at certain times and temperatures.
  • Better home security. When you open the windows at night to cool your home, you also open yourself up to unwanted intruders.

Are there rebates and incentives for Central AC?

We won’t drop the ball after the install! We’ll help you understand if your Air Conditioner qualifies for rebates and incentives. Many of our units are ENERGY STAR® rated.

About Us

We’re a professional HVAC company providing the best quality installation and repairs for heating and cooling systems.  We proudly serve all residential and light commercial HVAC systems in Elkins Park, PA, and surrounding areas.

Our team also specializes in the designing and building of environmentally friendly cooling and heating units. With our unique system designs and equipment, we have successfully installed some of the most efficient water hydronic heating systems in the valley.

Our people are our greatest asset.  At Heath Mechanical, our techs are a cut above the rest. We won’t ever send an inexperienced tech disguised as an expert to your home. We won’t ever sell you something you don’t need or try and upsell you something just to meet a quota.

What will we do?  We only send our tried and true, top notch and trained experts to visit you.  We show up on time, and give you an honest, expert opinion. We back everything up with our first-class service department that has seen just about everything.

What Makes Us The Best?

We believe in maintaining long-term relations with our customers by providing them with lifelong solutions related to HVAC.

  • Latest Equipment:We don’t believe in subpar performance. Our state-of-art equipment and latest system enable us to deliver best-in-class HVAC and plumbing solutions to our customers.

  • Customer Priority: We treat our customers like our family and look forward to long-term solutions through our reliable services. No doubt we have a huge base of happy customers!

  • Prompt Services: Waiting for your HVAC technician after a sudden ac breakdown can be daunting. That’s why we are available all weekdays from 8:30 early morning to 5 in the evening.

Affordable Rates: We aim to deliver quality while being economical. Whether it’s a minor repair or an AC installation in Cheltenham, PA, all our services are priced at the most reasonable rates.


Q: Should I repair or replace my Central AC?
A: Sometimes it’s a simple part replacement while other times it may make more sense to replace your AC unit. Today’s air conditioners are significantly improved offering super high efficiency that will save money on your utility bills.  Additionally, there may be rebates and incentives available when you choose a high efficiency air conditioner.  We have many ENERYG STAR® units that may qualify. We’ll help you weigh the cost to repair vs the cost to replace your AC.

Q: Why choose Central Air Conditioning?
A: There are many reasons to choose Central AC for your home. Central Air offers a whole home solution, provides greater comfort, is less noisy than a window AC and may qualify for rebates and incentives.  Central Air Conditioning also adds value to your home.

Q: How to care for Central Air?
A: There are two things that every homeowner must do to ensure their AC system operates at a peak potential and help extend the life of the system. The first is to schedule regular maintenance for your AC system.  The second is to make sure to change your air filter regularly. The frequency of the change depends on the number of people in your house, how many pets you have and whether someone has asthma or allergies.

Q: Are there financing options for a new heat pump?
A: Yes, we can help you with financing options that may be available to you. Many homeowners choose one of our financing options as an easy way to pay for their new air conditioning system.

Discover True Home Comfort with Central AC

Find out how a Central AC system will help increase your home comfort this summer.  Our certified and trained staff will treat you right.

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