HVAC Maintenance Plan In Cheltenham, PA

HVAC Maintenance Plan In Cheltenham, Elkins Park, Jenkintown, PA, And Surrounding Areas

Platinum Priority Club

Is there ever a good time for an HVAC or Plumbing emergency? No!
Today you can enjoy priority treatment and save money with our Priority Club. 

No matter how you heat and cool your home, whether its via furnace, heat pump or even a Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump with a back up heating, we can help.

There are 3 important systems that need to be addressed in every home:

  1. Performance systems
  2. Safety systems
  3. Mechanical systems

Now you can get peace of mind and double down on the best HVAC and Plumbing Services with our Platinum Priority Club. You get 2 exceptional benefits with our professional HVAC and Plumbing services that keep you ahead of the game when it comes to your home comfort and safety.

  1. We’re There When You Need Us. Do you like waiting?
    Most people don’t. Not having to wait is the first value you get from our Priority Club.

    Imagine you have a HVAC or Plumbing emergency. Let’s say it’s the hottest or coldest of days and your furnace or AC fails. Or it’s the coldest day of the year and your pipes freeze, or your bathroom stops working and you need help fast.

    Would you rather wait in the que with every other homeowner that has an emergency or would it better if we rushed to get to you?

    That’s just one of the benefits of our Priority Club which puts you at the front of the line when you have an emergency and need a solution fast.  The Priority Club is a low monthly payment plan that gives the assurance that we’ll be there when you need us.

    And that’s not all, we’ll keep your heating, cooling, and plumbing systems in top condition with routine maintenance inspection at no additional cost to you! Think of it as Prepaid Planned Maintenance.

  1. Do you like good value? Heck yeah! That’s exactly what we deliver. Your HVAC equipment needs to be serviced every single year. The problem is that many homeowners forget or neglect to get the annual maintenance for their gas heat, AC, or Ductless Mini Split.

    Regularly scheduled maintenance of your furnace and Air Conditioner will help your equipment run at peak performance, extend the life of your equipment, and help us identify little problems before they become big problems.

    With our Priority Club and easy monthly payments, you save money, and we’ll keep a spot on the schedule just for your home.

 It’s easy to sign up! Take a look at our HVAC and Plumbing Plans

Here’s what you get:

  • Priority Scheduling
  • Get 2 visits per year. Get a spring tune-up for your Air Conditioner and a fall tune up for your furnace. If purchased separately they are $285.00 per tune up.
  • Priority scheduling
  • 15% off any invoice!
  • Enjoy a budget friendly monthly fee of just $25.00
  • Save money, it’s like getting one yearly maintenance check-up for free.
  • Get monthly tips in our newsletter that keeps you ahead of the game, get on our list for coupons and specials.

Once you’re in our system, you’ll get your own priority link so you can schedule an appointment or you can use your preferred method of communication, choose text, call, or email.

Invest in your comfort today:

  • Get two annual home visits to inspect your heating and cooling comfort systems. You get a Spring / Summer visit for the inspection and performance checks of your air conditioning system and a Fall / Winter visit for the inspection and safety checks of your gas heating or heat pump system. Invest $25.00/mo
  • Get one annual home visit to inspect your gas heating unit, radiator heating, ductless system, or heat pump if you don’t have split central air unit. Invest $15.00/mo
  • Our plumbing plan includes whole house plumbing inspection and one basic repair of a toilet or bathroom sink slow drain. Invest $15.00/month
  • Special Discounts for our local area and more – sign-up below by zip code.
  • If you have an HVAC plan and want to add the Plumbing plan, you’ll receive a discount and invest just $12.00/month for any club member.
  • HVAC bi-annual plan – discounted to $20.00 monthly.
  • Annual Heat inspection – discounted to $12.00 monthly.
  • 19012 – Cheltenham (sign-up button)
  • 19027 – Elkins Park (sign-up button)
  • 19046 – Mckinley (sign-up button)
  • Surrounding area (sign-up button)
Then add the Plumbing Package for just an additional $12.00 per month anytime. We know plumbing too! We’re actually owned by a master plumber, the way it should be! Integrity and ethics drive our team which means we can fix just about any issue you have. Get a whole house inspection while our team is at your home.  Ask us for a whole house plumbing inspection anytime our team is at your home.
  • We’ll check all the Plumbing throughout the house for any signs of potential problems.
  • We’ll replace one toilet flapper which is a common problem
  • We’ll take care of a slow drain and/or toilet.
We might even be able to help you out with other things in your home. Our team is the best at helping you. Often times we can address small problems before they become big problems. When it comes to your home’s mechanical systems, you could wing it, or you could join the priority club. We made it so affordable and so easy, it’s really a no brainer.

The membership is priced to be a no brainer! Once you’re on the membership we’re always thinking about you.

How it works

You will get our quote for sign-up through email or text messaging. You approve, provide your payment info and your become a part of the select group who knows the great team at Heath Mechanical Services, LLC.

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