What Does A Broken AC Unit Sound Like?

When your air conditioning unit is turned on for the first time, if it makes noises, it is most likely a sign of a problem with the HVAC system. It’s easy to let minor problems become major when you ignore the strange noises from your air conditioner.

All these noises could mean anything from a simple tune-up to expensive repairs or, worst case, a complete replacement. The sooner you find the noise source and fix the AC problem, the better. Contact AC Repair in Cheltenham, PA.

Noises indicating a broken air conditioner

  • Clicking Noise

Fast-clicking sounds from your thermostat are normal when your air conditioner is first starting up and shutting down. It is a warning sign if a clicking noise is heard repeatedly during the cooling process.

The clicking noise you hear could be caused by an electrical problem with a relay switch or capacitors in the compressor, or it could be the sound of a thermostat that needs to be replaced.

  • Banging Sound

In most cases, banging noise from the indoor or outdoor condenser unit is caused by loose parts. It’s possible that as the motor turns the blower fan, the blades are rattling loose.

An audible thud from the compressor shows that parts either inside or outside the compressor are coming undone. Contact a professional if you hear any unusual sounds coming from your system.

  • Humming Noise

The sound of a humming air conditioner is usually harmless, but it still indicates something is wrong with the unit. Vibrations caused by faulty parts or refrigerant piping can escalate into a more serious problem if ignored.

Occasionally, humming noises are a sign of an electrical problem. It’s possible that the motor is causing the humming and won’t start, but loose wiring can also be to blame.

  • Rattling Sound

If your air conditioner is making a rattling noise, it could signify that some of its parts are loosening and need to be replaced. You can damage the compressor and other components if the chattering sound from the electrical contractor is allowed to continue.

It’s possible that the fan, which squeaks when loose, is to blame. If you notice any loose screws or bolts in the unit’s casing, you should inspect the condenser coils, clean them, and replace the indoor air filter.

  • Screeching Sound

There is a possibility that your fan motor bearings have failed if you hear a screeching noise like metal grinding against metal.

You should keep your HVAC system off until you can get a professional out of your home. If you continue to use the appliance, you may have more issues.

Professional Help is Required

If you hear a strange noise from your air conditioner, turn it off immediately to prevent further damage. You can avoid these sounds from your air conditioner with proper maintenance and regular professional inspections.

Heath mechanical services can help you with all your HVAC issues. We provide dependable repair services since we know an unexpected AC repair can strain family finances. Contact us to schedule an appointment for AC Repair in Cheltenham, PA.